Children’s Day Celebrations : Nov 15, 2016

Dr. SarvapalliRadhakrishnan’s birth anniversary was celebrated with great enthusiasm as Children’s Day in Swarnleela International School. The special assembly was organized by the teachers. Mr. Kingshook, Mrs. Naya, Mrs. Jayashri and Mrs. Naranje anchored the program.School prayer was presented by Ms. Nisha and pledge by Mrs. Jayashri. A funny skit was showcased by a group of some teachers which made the students witness the creativity in the teachers. The same time the teachers also could experience the students’ life. The students became so crazy by the exciting dance performed by the teachers. Mr. Mangsh, on behalf of the school management wished all the students.

Christmas Celebrations : Dec 24, 2016

Christmas waves a magic wand over the worlds and it makes everything softer and more beautiful. It is not a season, it is a feeling. Christmas was rejoiced in our school to commemorate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. Class V students systematize a special assembly under the guidance of their class teachers. Christmas carol was played and the students danced effectively. After that Santa visited all the classes and wished them by offering them the gifts. Students rejoiced the arrival of Santa to their classes. The school’s reception was beautifully decorated with flowers and rangoli.

Fancy Dress : July 22, 2016

Children have their own world with fancy and imaginations. What they want to be in their life is a matter of great interest. Their lives start taking shapes from the early childhood. They are always fascinated by different types of professions. A Fancy Dress Competition was organized by the school where the students participated enthusiastically. They dressed themselves according to different people in the society and acted like them. Even they presented some sort of dialogues to add to their appearance. The judges applauded the students for their novel ideas and performance.

Diwali Celebrations : Oct. 27, 2016

Diwali, the most favourite festival for all, was celebrated in the school with utmost enthusiasm as the festival of lights. The program was anchored by Ms Candanprit, Ms. Shreeya , Ms. Siya and Ms. Sayali of class X. Some of the students spread light upon eco-friendly Diwali without any type of pollutions. A fabulous dance was presented by primary students. Mrs. Manorama prepared a skit alongwith the students of class X on celebrating pollution-free Diwali. Mr. Mouli and Mr. Mangesh visited all the classes and wished all the students on behalf of the school management. All the class rooms were beautifully decorated by the students with flowers and balloons. The class decoration is the outcome of their togetherness, sharing and unity.

Ganesh Chaturthi : Sept 03, 2016

The God of wisdom Lord Ganesha’s arrival was celebrated in the school with great enthusiasm. A special morning assembly was conducted by class VII which was a mind blowing performance. The program was anchored by miss Aditi and miss Janhavi. School musical group presented a melodious prayer, ‘Tu shakti de’. To add more excitement to the program, our small wonders class II students gave an excellent dance worshiping Lord Ganesha. In collaboration with day celebration, Ganesha idols were also made by the students. They worked on the assigned task with a great enthusiasm. All the idols were arranged for the exhibition. All the teachers appreciated the creativity in the students.

Guru Pournima : July 18, 2016

Guru removes the darkness of ignorance of the disciples. Guru Pournima is a day when the disciples offer the gurus their gratitude. On the auspicious occasion of Guru Pournima they take their blessings.Guru plays the most essential role in the expansion of the student’s personality. We believe that the person who channelizes us on the right path is our guru. Guru Pournima was celebrated in the school to pay a tribute to the all who have molded our lives to make us admirable citizens. A special assembly was conducted by class IX students. The program was anchored by Miss Adity and Miss Nishu. A nice speech was presented by class XI student, Miss Vedangee. A melodious group song, ‘Mana Ghadavi Sanskar’ was the homage paid to express the significant of morals in our life. Mr. Bhalchandra expressed his views on the same through his speech. Some students recited couplets composed by saint Kabir to mark the greatness of gurus. Principal Mr. C. Siva Rama Krishna also focused on the significant of gurus in our life and wished all on the occasion.

Hindi Diwas

To mark the greatness of our national language, Hindi Diwas was commemorated in the school. All Hindi subject teachers dedicated their time to celebrate the day with lot of activities. The program was anchored by Miss Janhavi and Miss Dipty. A beautiful melodious poem was recited by Miss Ashwini expressing the immense power of the Hindi language. A moral story was also presented by Some students. Mr. Guddu Prasad also read out a nice poem. Miss Noor sang a song to enhance the glory of the language.

Janmashtami Celebrations : Aug 24, 2016

A special assembly on Janmashtami was celebrated in the school to mark the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. The students appeared as little Krishna and Radha. Principal Mr. Siva Rama Krishna worshipped Lord Krishna idol and performed all the rituals along with the children. The students of class II mesmerized the audience with their outstanding theme dance depicting the scene of raas leela by Lord Krishna. It was followed by the melodious group song ‘Radha hi Bawari’ which enthralled the entire audience. For the success of the celebration, all the dance teachers, music teacher and the class teachers were congratulated.

Maharashtra Day Celebration : May 01, 2016

Maharashtra Day, when Maharashtra attained statehood, was rejoiced in the school with a great enthusiasm. Honourable Chairman Mr. Krishan Jain and respected Principal Mr. Siva Rama Krishna hoisted the national flag which was followed by garlanding the statue of Goddess Saraswati. Mr. Atul and Mrs. Jarashree took the charge of comparing the programme. Mrs. Smruti focused on the great culture of Maharashtra. The teacher staff offered the Maharashtra Geet quiet melodiously. Mrs. Vaishali delivered a speech giving the glimpses of history of Maharashtra getting the status of an independent state.

Ozone day : Aug 24, 2016

As the whole world is struggling with the global warming, it is necessary to spread awareness among the students about the depletion of the ozone layer. The students of class VII & VIII presented a special morning assembly on preservation of the Ozone layer. The program in-charges Mr. Vandana and Ms. Swati guided their students in proper way to highlight all the related prospects. Ms. Anjali and Ms. Dipti anchored the program. Mast Anshuman and Mast Mujahid along with their classmates presented the ozone layer depletion. The causes, effects and resolutions were discussed by the students. Some students read the poems and some slogans were also offered by the students. All the students took an oath to protect the nature to maintain the ozome layer.

Pola Celebrations : Sept . 09, 2016

On this day the bulls are worshipped as they are the unavoidable part of the agriculture in India. The day is very auspicious for the farmers. Wooden bulls were decorated and brought to the school by the pre-primary students for the exhibition to celebrate Pola. Students were dressed as farmers and seemed to be very enthusiastic to take part in the exhibition. Teachers guided them to speak about the farming and the importance of the day. Respected Principal Mr. Siva Rama Krishna along with Mr. Mouli encouraged the children for their active participation in the program.

Rakshabandhan : Aug. 16, 2016

One of the sweetest relation in the world i.e. brother-sister was commemorated in the school as Rakshabandhan. A special assembly was organized by class VI. A short skit was presented by the students to express the bond of love and care. A student spoke about the festival to emphasize the importance of the day. Principal Mr. Siva Rama Krishna wished all the students on behalf of the school management. Rakhi-making competition was also conducted in individual and brother-sister basis to correlate the artistic fervor of the students with the festival. Students prepared eco-friendly rakhies. All the rakhies were arranged for the exhibition afterwards.

Swatch Bharat : Oct 04, 2016

We believe ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’. As the whole nation is observing the Clean India Mission, a special assembly was organized by our primary students. Mrs. Naranje and Mrs. Jayashri trained the students the students of the assembly. The students presented a nice skit on the theme. Mrs. Naranje had a short conversation with the students and discussed as students how we can keep our surrounding neat and clean. Mr. Mangesh gave all the students and the teachers an oath to maintain the cleanliness of our surrounding.

Teacher’s Day : Sept 03. 2016

Class X students initiated to celebrate the great committed work of the teachers on the occasion of Teacher’s Day. Mrs Manorama spread the light of the greatness of teachers on the occasion. Principal Siva Rama Krishna delivered a speech to congratulate the teachers for their dedication for their selfless service for the foundation of the students’ progress. At the same time he made the students realized their duties and responcibilities. Dances were performed by the students. Some games were also organized by them. They prepared slide show i.e. the school video. The students honoured all the teachers and gifted each of them a plant to spread the message of tree plantation. Honourable Chairman Mr Krishan Jain, respected Principal and all the teachers planted the saplings in the school garden. The students also expressed their views and their gratitude towards the teachers.

The World Yoga Day : June 21, 2016

Though many think of yoga only as a physical exercise where people twist, turn, stretch, and breathe in the most complex ways, these are actually only the most superficial aspect of this profound science of unfolding the infinite potentials of the human mind and soul. The science of Yoga imbibes the complete essence of the Way of Life. Yoga is not just exercise and asanas. Yoga here is seen as a process of inner journey or ascent of consciousness. Yoga is categorized as ‘Gyan Yoga’ or philosophy, ‘Bhakti Yoga’ or path of devotional bliss and ‘Karma Yoga’ or path of blissful action. Yoga serves for both physical as well as mental health. On the occasion of the world yoga day our school students performed various types of yoga activities under the guidance of our teachers early in the morning. Some students demonstrated for all on the stage. They all felt great comfort and ease as if provides the peace to our mind.

Rainy Season : July 14, 2016

The Rainy Season comes after the hot summer season, so, this season brings relief to the burning earth scorched in the summer heat. The magic of the season makes the birds like peacock dance. The mountains, gardens, and fields are elated because of the comforting rain. It makes everyone fresh and fills new life in it. Students of class VI to VIII presented a beautiful morning assembly with the theme of ‘Rainy Season’. A quiz was organized by the students concerned to the topic. They spoke about the importance of the season;some of them explained the precautions and hygiene regarding the dresses and food during the rainy days. Rain water harvesting and water conservation was also explained well by the students.


A special assembly was organized by the students of classes VII and VIII to spread the awareness about desertification. Students made colorful posters with appropriate and thought provoking slogans which acted as a wake-up call and reinforced the need to take some action to save our precious Earth. The children displayed their creativity and imagination. Mrs. Vandana focused on the evil face of desertification followed by the solutions and the need of tree plantation.



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  • Yashshree D.
  • Yashwant Matte
  • Omkar Uttarwar
  • Ridhima Rajurkar
  • Kishan Agrawal
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